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The world has experienced tremendous development in the technological field in the last couple of decades.  This is particularly true with the release of microSDXC Flash Cards.  From the old school floppy disk drive emerged the CDs and DVDs and eventually the flash cards or flash drives.  A flash drive is a storage device similar to a hard disk drive mounted on a personal computer, with the compactness of a floppy disk embedded into it.  A typical flash card can store data ranging from 32 MB or megabytes up to 2 TB or terabytes.  The latest amongst these flash drives is the SDXC Flash Cards that boast of faster SD interface never before seen.

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SanDisk microSDXC

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SanDisk micros SDXC cards.

These SDXC Flash Cards have high speed flash memory control that allow write speeds ranging from 35 MB/s up to 45 MB/s.  This is a breakthrough from the normal 20 MB/s to 25 MB/s speed that can be found in old types of SD flash cards.  The read speeds of these SanDisk, Kingston and Toshiba made flash cards allow 55 MB/s up to 65 MB/s of capacity, besting other old types of SD flash cards that only have 40 MB/s up to 50 MB/s of reading capacity.  Thus, copying your favorite music, photos, videos and clips will be much faster with the use of Toshiba technology, allowing you to copy 400 MB clips in as fast as 10 to 30 seconds. SDXC USB adapter.

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A SDXC card weighs like other common flash cards.  It is very lightweight and easy to store.  It also comes with its protective case that will allow you to store it for safe keeping in your wallet or purse.  The size of each card is roughly the same as any other flash card.  The best part here is that it can be used with recent releases of mobile phones that are compatible with the Toshiba based technology.  Truly, this is a great development with regard to flash cards these past 4 years.

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These SDXC Flash Cards are like the typical flash cards in the sense that it has the plug and play feature.  It has built in drivers that will allow personal computers, laptop computers and mobile phones that are compatible with the SDXC technology to easily recognize it within the first 5 to 10 seconds of being plugged in.  It is compatible with the old version of Windows which is the Windows XP as well as the newest version, Windows 7.  It is also highly compatible with Apple’s Macintosh OS or operating system as well as the prominent Linux, allowing computer owners to freely make use of it with any OS.

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